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Uptown Dog of Winter Park

Boarding Consent Form

  • Preferably NOT a spouse or immediate family member in the event you vacation/are away together.

  • Please indicate dates of boarding
  • Please indicate dates of boarding
  • Please indicate YES or No

  • Upon boarding check-in for daycare, grooming or boarding, your pet must be free of external parasites as fleas & ticks. Should parasites be noted, treatment will be given at the owners expense. Uptown Dog requires all pets vaccinations to be current, owner must provide proof of vaccination from their veterinarian. Items required include the Rabies, Annual Bordatella and Distemper combination vaccinations. We also require a 6 month Bordatella vaccination, an annual Influenza vaccination (preferably bivalent to cover both types of dog flu), and annual fecal examination.Your pets well being is our utmost concern. We cannot be held responsible for your dog’s actions while they are here with us. We will do everything possible to ensure that your pet is well cared for, properly fed & watered, and kept in a clean, comfortable environment. In the event of an emergency we will make every effort to contact you and/or your emergency contact list above. If we are unable to contact either party we will use reasonable care and judgement to treat your pet. Any expenses incurred for treatment will be the owners expense.

    “I have read and fully understand this consent form and agree to its terms”

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