Partial and Full Grooms by appointment only

All dogs are hand dried. We do not use any cage dryers. All pricing is according to breed, size and coat length. We do require that vaccinations are up to date at the time of appointment. Drop off times for grooming appointments are between 7:30a.m.  and 10:00a.m.

Partial Groom Includes:

  • Luxury Bath and Silk Conditioner
  • Ear Cleaning with Ear Hair Plucking
  • Hand Blow Drying with Brush Out
  • Nail Trimming
  • Trim Pads, Feet and Sanitary Area
  • Fragrance Spritz
  • Bow or a Bandana

Partial Grooms from $23 to $75

Full groom Includes:

  • Luxury Bath and Silk Conditioner
  • Ear Cleaning with Ear Hair Plucking
  • Hand Blow Drying with Brush Out
  • Nail Trimming
  • Trim Pads, Feet and Sanitary Area
  • Full Body Haircut by Professional Groomer
  • Scissor Finish
  • Coat Dressing
  • Fragrance Spritz
  • Bow or Bandana

Full Grooms from $40 to $110

A La Cate Menu

  • Nail Trim: A nail trim will keep nails and nail quicks shorter. It is recommended at least once a month. $10.00
  • Nail Drimmel: A dremmeling is a nail trim with filing. It makes nails smooth after shortening them so there is less chance of scratching up floors, furniture or your skin. $10.00 with the Partial or Full Groom, $15.oo without a Groom.
  • Teeth Cleaning: A good brushing at least once a month will keep plaque and tarter build up to a minimum, resulting in fresher breath, sparkling teeth and reduced risk of gingivitis. $10.00
  • Anal Gland Expression: Anal glands are sacs located by the anus that collect a liquid that dogs use to mark their territory. Some dogs cannot express these glands on their own and it is recommended to have them checked regularly and expressed if needed to prevent infection or build up. $6.00 with a Partial or Full Groom, $15.00 without a Groom.
  • Medicated Shampoo/ Flea Treat: Available with a groom only. If your dog has a skin condition that needs extra attention, like dry skin, fleas or greasy stinky coat, a medicated shampoo is chosen to fit accordingly to help clear up any issues. $5.oo with partial or Full Groom.
  • Dr-Matting: Available with groom only. First 15 minutes at no charge. For each additional 15 minutes $10.00
  • Express Pup: Your dog will moved to the front of the line! $10.00
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